The benediction

It is our delight and privilege to bless God as wei worship him. This is so because he has first blessed us with grace, mercy and peace in his dear Son. The biblical concept of God’s blessing upon his people as they worship him is called the Benediction. It is a declaration that those who are Christ’s sheep are the blessed of his Father. The Benediction includes supplication for the Lord’s blessing, and a declaration that God’s favour or his Name is upon his people. This does not mean that the minister imparts grace but identifies himself with the congregation by using the form be with us. Further, this declaration is not a magic formula but should be viewed as an appeal to the hearers to appropriate its contents by faith.

The Benediction is usually given in a Trinitarian formula, and forms the conclusion of a service.

Num. 6:22-27; Mark 10:16; Luke 24:50; Mat. 25:34.