GBA 2022 Booking Forms

Paper Booking Form

If you wish to pay your £40 deposit via the Royal Mail then please download and complete the booking form by clicking here: GBA22 Booking Form

Online Booking Form

If you wish to pay your £40 deposit via bank transfer then please fill out the form below. After pressing “send”, a green box should appear beneath the send button which confirms that your form has been submitted.

You will then receive further instructions via an email we will send to you.  If you do not see that email from us in the next ten minutes then, please, firstly check your spam folder and then, if you still can’t see it, get in touch with us.


  • En-suite rooms at GBA20 are £170 per person, reduced to £160 if you send your deposit before 10th December 2022.
  • The non-returnable deposit required when booking is £40 per person.

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