GBA 2020 Church Registration

54 churches registered their support for 2020, as shown in the map and list below. Clicking on the name will take you to the church’s website, if available. Blue “facebook” icons indicate churches with a presence on Facebook – click on the icon to go to there.

facebookAccrington, Peel Street Baptist Church (Added 08/08/19)
facebookAylesbury, Limes Avenue Baptist Church (Added 04/09/19)
facebookBedworth, Zion Baptist Church (Added 10/09/19)
facebookBelvedere, Free Grace Baptist (Added 28/01/20)
facebookBethersden, Bethersden Baptist Church (Added 25/01/20)
facebookBexleyheath, Grace Baptist Church (Added 18/01/20)
no facebookBillinghay, Bethel Baptist Chapel (Added 08/08/19)
facebookBradford on Avon Baptist Church (Added 17/01/20)
facebookBrighton, Ebenezer Reformed Baptist Church (Added 03/02/20)
facebookBromley, Hayes Lane Baptist Church (Added 04/09/19)
no facebookBury, Radcliffe Road Baptist Church (Added 21/01/20)
no facebookCarlisle, Grace Evangelical Church (Added 08/08/19)
no facebookChatham, Enon Baptist Church (Added 18/11/19)
facebookChatteris Community Church (Added 08/08/19)
no facebookChelmsley Wood Reformed Baptist Church (Added 08/08/19)
facebookChesham, Newtown Baptist Church (Added 03/08/19)
facebookChilds Hill Baptist Church (Added 31/01/20)
facebookCoventry, Hillfields Church (Added 20/08/19)
no facebookCradley Heath, Spring Meadow Baptist Chapel (Added 05/11/19)
no facebookDawlish Baptist Church (Added 08/08/19)
facebookDundee, Trinity Baptist Church (Added 23/08/19)
facebookDunmow Baptist Church (Added 06/11/19)
facebookGloucester, Coopers Edge Baptist Church (Added 16/09/19)
facebookGloucester, Trinity Baptist Church (Added 10/02/20)
no facebookGrundisburgh Baptist Church (Added 18/11/19)
no facebookHailsham Baptist Church (Added 02/09/19)
no facebookHalstead Grace Baptist Church (Added 03/03/20)
no facebookHanney Chapel (Added 21/08/19)
no facebookHaverhill, Downs Baptist Church (Added 23/10/19)
facebookHaworth, Hall Green Baptist Church (Added 19/09/19)
facebookHinckley, Mount Road Baptist Church (Added 04/09/19)
facebookHitchin, Grace Baptist Church (Added 29/08/19)
facebookHyde Heath Chapel (Added 30/07/19)
facebookIpswich, Cauldwell Hall Road Baptist Church (Added 04/09/19)
facebookKnaphill, Providence Baptist Chapel (Added 28/09/19)
no facebookLewisham, College Park Baptist Church (Added 29/08/19)
no facebookLeyburn, Wensleydale Evangelical Church (Added 08/08/19)
facebookLeyton, Hainault Road Baptist Church (Added 09/10/19)
no facebookLeytonstone, Forest Baptist Church (Added 02/08/19)
no facebookMaryport, Trinity Baptist Church (Added 12/08/19)
facebookPenzance Baptist Church (Added 10/03/20)
no facebookPershore Evangelical Church (Added 12/01/20)
facebookRamsbottom, Trinity Grace Church (Added 08/08/19)
facebookRamsey, Salem Baptist Church (Added 08/08/19)
no facebookSouthport, Grace Baptist Church (Added 20/08/19)
no facebookStockport, Grace Baptist Church (Added 08/08/19)
no facebookThornhill Baptist Church (Added 28/09/19)
no facebookTollington Park Baptist Church (Added 20/11/19)
facebookTunbridge Wells, Pantiles Baptist Church (Added 28/09/19)
facebookUlverston, Grace Baptist Church (Added 12/09/19)
no facebookWellingborough Baptist Tabernacle (Added 08/08/19)
facebookWhittlesey Baptist Church (Added 11/09/19)
facebookWigan, Pemberton Free Grace Church (Added 02/09/19)
facebookYate, Grace Church (Added 08/08/19)